Just as my ancestors knew we are all connected, my weavings are an open door way to the shining light of your own sweet spirit. So, what do you long to create with Spirit? What can I weave for you? I offer my heart to your intentions, as together we imagine and weave a new dream.
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Each Inspiration Bag comes with a story about the energy of the bag. As I bead I "hear" a story in my head, and when I am finished with the bag, I write it down. The Spirits told me to only give the story to people after they have purchased the bag. People should be attracted to the energy of the bag, and not the story. If people have a chance to read the story before they purchase the bag, their egos may get involved and tell them to purchase a bag based on the power of the story - which is not necessarily the energy they need. I do have a sample story available, so you can get an idea of what they are. And it really is amazing to me, that when people trust their attraction to the energies of the bags, and purchase the bag they are drawn to, the story is always an amazing fit. 100% of the time.
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The Dream Spirit bags take approximately six days each to complete. They are typically 2 5/8 inches tall by 2 1/4 inches wide, although sizes vary and some are much bigger. The customer chooses the size and whether or not it is to have a closing flap when they place their order. I use Japanese Delica beads, known for their uniform shape and overall quality. Many of these beads are gold, silver, or copper lined. I use gemstones for the larger beads in the fringe and necklace. All necklace straps are double strung to ensure their strength. The ancestor spirits choose the colors, as well as guide me in the creation of the patterns. These bags are truly beautiful. They shimmer and shine in the light.
The 2 1/4-inch tall X 1 3/4-inch wide Dream Spirit bags are priced at $450.00.

The 3 1/8-inch tall X 2 1/2-inch wide bags are $500.00.

If you are interested in a flap closure on either of these, please add another $50.00

The larger 3 1/2 tall X 3 1/8-inch wide is $600.00 and I don't recommend a flap closure. The opening of the bag is so wide that the extra weight of the flap would make the bag hang "funny", and distort the image.

A 6 1/2-inch bracelet is priced at $400.00. These are approximately 1 1/4-inches wide. For longer bracelets the prices increase, so it is best to contact me.
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If you are interested in ordering a custom bag, please e-mail me the following information:
Your name, address, phone number, image idea, approx. bag size, and w/wo flap.

I request a $100.00 deposit to start your bag, with the rest due before I mail you the finished product. There is a $25.00 fee for insured shipping.

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cave bison dream spirit bagThere were boxes and boxes of small beads on her table. And as she touched the beads, she moved into the altered dream space from which the ancestors guided her. Pulling aside the colors of beads her ancestors instructed her to, a pattern began to emerge. She now "saw" (with her spirit eyes) how to bead the dream image. The ancestors smiled in acknowledgement and support as she began the slow process of slipping one bead at a time on her needle and weaving it into the bag she was creating. And as she wove, the ancestors touched the thread, spinning healing energy that wrapped around each bead to create the power object they had called forth. She worked through the night. The ancestors’ energy sustained her: there would be no sleep until the image was complete. By morning, her body called for rest. It had been almost 24 hours since the process had begun and her body ached. She was ready to add the fringe and the necklace, but that would have to wait. She dropped into her bed to sleep a few hours before the ancestors called to her again. The ancestors were eager to complete what they and she had begun. As she beaded the fringe and necklace onto the bag, the ancestors told her a story about the energy they had spun. She must pay attention and remember the story. She was to write it down and send it along with the bag. The energy of the bag would call to the one it was created for. The story was only a confirmation.