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Each Inspiration Bag comes with a story about the energy of the bag. As I bead I "hear" a story in my head, and when I am finished with the bag, I write it down. The Spirits told me to only give the story to people after they have purchased the bag. People should be attracted to the energy of the bag, and not the story. If people have a chance to read the story before they purchase the bag, their egos may get involved and tell them to purchase a bag based on the power of the story - which is not necessarily the energy they need. I do have a sample story available, so you can get an idea of what they are. And it really is amazing to me, that when people trust their attraction to the energies of the bags, and purchase the bag they are drawn to, the story is always an amazing fit. 100% of the time.
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The Inspiration bags take approximately six days each to complete. I use Japanese Delica beads, known for their uniform shape and overall quality. Many of these beads are gold, silver, or copper lined. Swarovski Crystals create an added sparkle. I use gemstones and some glass beads for the larger beads in the fringe and necklace. The focal beads are hand made glass beads or larger gemstone cabochons. Most necklaces are macreme wax linen to support the weight of the bags.
Inspiration Spirit bags are mostly priced at $500.00. These are approximately 3 1/4-inches tall X 2 3/8-inches wide, but they vary, depending on the size of the cabochon or focal bead.

Some of the focal beads and cabochons are very expensive, so the price of the Inspiriation Spirit bag may increase by $50.00 to $100.00. If a client makes a special order, and supplies me with the focal bead, the price is also reduced.
To Order
If you are interested in ordering a custom bag, please e-mail me the following information:
Your name, address, phone number, if you already have a stone or bead for the focal object, and the primary colors you are interested in.

I request a $100.00 deposit to start your bag, with the rest due before I mail you the finished product. There is a $25.00 fee for insured shipping.

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cave bison dream spirit bagThe stone was sitting in the center of her table. She found it recently on one of her morning walks. The ancestors must have guided her to it, for it was sitting in just the right spot that the morning sun touched it through the tree leaves above, allowing the stone to show off its brilliance. The shine and sparkle had caught her eye. Now she was seeing it in her dreams. Once again, the energy was building inside her, and she felt an urgency to create. Her ancestors were calling to her, asking her to work with this stone. First she would bead a bag for the stone to set on. The colors must show off its beauty, but not over-power it. And as she searched in her boxes and boxes of beads for the “just right” color – her ancestors brought her attention to a color she, on her own, never would have chosen. She began to bead with those beads, feeling the ancestors’ energy moving along her hands, and down the thread and into the emerging bag.

Next she attached the stone to the bag. The ancestors showed her the design of beads they around the stone, creating a 3-D effect. And as she beaded this design, she felt the energy of the stone shift and amplify. The ancestors once again created a powerful healing tool through her hands. She didn't really understand how it all worked, but her heart was filled with love and gratitiude for her ancestors. She felt very humbled to be a part of this process.

As she beaded the fringe and worked the linen threads for the macreme necklace, the ancestors told her a story about the energy of the stone and the bag as a whole. She must pay attention and remember the story. She was to write it down and send it along with the bag. The energy of the bag would call to the one it was created for. The story was only a confirmation.