Size and beaded images of Leather Beaded Bags are so specific to individuals that they are usually not made up in advance. An exception to that rule are the offering bags. If you are interested in a Leather Bag, please read the "To Order" section.
I currently have antelope, buffalo, deer, and elk hides. I use deer lacings to hand sew the bags together. Sometimes I use deer antler buttons as closures, and sometimes I use beads. When beaded images are on the bags, I use Japanese Delica beads.
Pricing is based on the size of the bag, the type of hide, and the extent of the beading. Pick on the pictures of the bags in the "Sold Gallery" to see the pricing on work I have done in the past.
To Order
If you are interested in ordering a custom made bag, please e-mail me the following information:

Your name, address, phone number, the size of the bag, if you want a strap, and type of leather. If you also want a beaded image, what that is to be, and where you want it located on the bag.

I request a $100.00 deposit to start your bag, with the rest due before I mail you the finished product. There is a $25.00 fee for insured shipping.

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Leather Beaded Bags

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cheetah bone bagHer night time dreams were filled with images of animal skins and deer lacings and ceremonial objects. She saw beads and thread, and sacred symbols. Her ancestors were once again working her, calling her to co-create with them. This time her images were of a sacred container to hold ceremonial objects. . .

The smell of leather took her deeper into the altered dream space from which the ancestors guided her. She began to cut a shape from a tanned deer hide. She made strong decisive cuts in the leather as she instinctively knew the shape and size of the piece she would need. She punched holes in the leather, big enough for her lacing. And she began to sew it together, ever mindful of the tension of her lacing, so that her stitches were uniform. Soon she had the container she had seen in her dreams.

Next came the beading. Much like the other things she made, the ancestors picked the colors as they instructed her on the pattern. Sacred symbols floated around her spirit eyes until the pattern came into focus. This would be a bag like no other she had made. The symbols called forth would add to the energy and power of this creation. As she worked, once again she felt the familiar energy of her ancestors travel through her hands and into the beads she was working with. Once the pattern was beaded, she attached it to the leather. The bag was now ready to hold the ceremonial objects. Its energy and power would enhance and protect the power of the objects lain safely within it.