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. . . And she awoke from another disturbing dream. It was the same dream she had had every night for the last week. The intensity of the energy increased in the dreams with each passing day. It raised the level of her own internal energy. The night time was the place where the spirit world visually touched her world. The ancestors gave her messages about objects they wanted called into being. She would see the image – see the object - and begin collecting materials. She would find objects in her world that would remind her of the images of her dreams: some yarn, a rock, beads, skins and other things. Whatever she would need was provided for - mostly in unusual ways – in places and times when it was most unexpected. And when she had collected most of what she needed, the dreams would intensify to the point where she had to act. The only way to move the energy of anxiety out of her body was to create the image from her dreams. She could no longer ignore the message – today she must act. In fact, she felt driven to act. The dream image was calling itself into manifestation.

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Shilo's ancestor spirits have asked her be a toolmaker and to co-create with them. The ancestors come to her in her dreams, giving her the visions of what they want created. These ancestor spirits move through her hands while she works, guiding the art and moving powerful energy into the objects. Together, Shilo and her ancestors bring these power objects into being, to work with those healers called to use them.

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