My gourds come from a grower in California. The images are wood burned and then painted with oil paints. I use oils with natural pigments. Once the paint is dry, objects are put into the gourd for the sound, and the handles are glued in. The gourd part of the rattle gets four coats of varnish; the handle is stained and waxed. I turn the handles myself on a lathe. Each rattle comes with a quilted cover. Fabric color is at my discretion.
earth snake rattle

Rattles take approximately 1.5 - 2 months to complete. Commissions gratefully accepted.

The price of the rattle is based on gourd size.

They are typically priced from $132.00 (for gourds less than 3-inches in diameter) to $312.00 (for gourds 8-inches in diameter).
To Order
If you are interested in ordering a custom designed rattle, please e-mail me the following information:

Your name, address, phone number, image idea, and approx. gourd size

I request a $50.00 deposit to start your rattle, with the rest due before I mail you the finished product. There is a $20.00 - $25.00 fee for insured shipping.

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barn owl rattleHer night time dreams were filled with owls. Owls flying, owls hunting, owls sleeping, owls sitting in trees calling out into the night. Once again she felt the ancestors’ energy course through her body, pushing her to create. She “saw” gourds and tubes of paint and brushes, and sticks. A rattle called to be born.

She sorted gourds from a large pile, looking for just the right one. Once found, she took the gourd to her table and began to draw. She felt the presence of her ancestors taking her into the altered dream space from which they guided her. As she painted the images she had drawn, she watched the gourd transform and the images come alive. Did she really see that owl blink, or was she just imagining it? She blinked hard, and looked again. She felt the presence of an owl next to her. And then she was seeing with owl eyes, and hearing with owl ears. She had merged with the energy of the owl and they had become one. The ancestors moved the night bird's energy down her arms, and through her hands, onto the gourd, and into the paintings.

Her "spirit ears" heard the sound of the newly emerging rattle's voice. She put many objects into the gourd and she took some out. There were dried beans, and dried corn. There were some small stones. When the sounds of the objects in the gourd matched the sounds she had "heard", she attached the handle. The ancestors were pleased. They and she had manifest another beautiful power object, another tool to bring healing to Mother Earth and Her inhabitants.