The ancestors really direct the materials for the inner workings of the amulets. They sometimes use herbs and/or minerals and other things. The outside covering is beaded with the Japanese Delica beads. The ancestors pick the colors. The necklace is macreme from fine waxed linen cord.
Generally, the amulets are priced at $120.00, plus $10.00 for insured shipping.
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Sometimes people came to her, asking her to help them change. Sometimes they wanted to pull a particular energy closer (like abundance). Sometimes they wanted to push a particular energy farther away. And they would ask for an object that could help them.

amuletsHer ancestors would have her make them a necklace. In her night time dreams, the ancestors would show her what herbs or minerals to put inside the pouch on the necklace. They would instruct her on the colors of the beads and how to do ceremony over the completed necklace. As she beaded the covering over the pouch, her ancestors touched the thread, spinning whatever energy was needed to wrapp around each bead to create the power object they had called forth.

And when the Amulet was ready, she gave it to the one who it was meant for, along with instructions of when to wear it, and how to take care of it.