I live in Kansas, where our humidity levels can be low or high, depending on the weather and the season. I have some concerns about the drum head holding tight if the drum goes to a place where the humidity levels are much different. My drum head gets lax in the summer, and it doesn't play without drying it out. Please research the humidity levels in your area, to make an informed decision before ordering. Sometimes a skin drum is not the best ideal, and a remo drum is a better idea. I have included links to remo suppliers for your convenience.

For Remo Buffalo Drums - contact Karen Furr.
She has 12, 16, and 22-inch diameter remo drums available.

For Celtic inspired Remo Drums
Drums vary in size from 8-inches in diameter to 20-inches. They are made on an oak or cedar frame, or hoop. I have deer, elk, or horse hides for the skin.
Prices range from $135.00 for the 8-inch drums to $225.00 for the 20-inch. Please add $25.00 for shipping.
To Order
Please contact me to order your drum. It usually takes me about a month to make one.

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Shilo hand made this drum. Drums are made as special orders only. Please read the side bar for general information and materials.

drum front

The painting was done
by Barbara Graham

drum back