Shobas are used in Africa for blessings and clearings. If your helping spirits are directing to have one, they will probably also instruct you on how to use it. I will work with your helping spirits to create the right sacred object for you.
Shobas vary with the individual The long hair is buffalo, and there will be leather. Other materials will be added as needed.
Prices start at $500.00 and increase with the amount of work. Please add $25.00 for shipping.
To Order
Please contact me to order your shoba. These are quite individual, and I will have to order the buffalo. These sacred objects can take upto six months or so to complete, once I have the bufalo.

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Shilo refurbished this shoba. It originally came from Africa. Shobas are made as special orders only. Please read the side bar for general information and materials. Click here to view more pictures.

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